Giorno: 6 novembre 2020

From Livelihoods to Leisure and Back: Refugee ‘Self-Reliance’ as Collective Practices in Lebanon, India and Greece

New article out in the Third World Quarterly by the Bartlett Development Planning Unit and Save the Children UK partnership. Abstract Over the last two decades, leading humanitarian agencies in the Global North have increasingly promoted a policy of self-reliance, understood as making individual refugees financially independent from aid assistance through livelihood programmes. However, individual […]

Alhan Libiyya, la Libia suona bene

Alhan Libiyya (melodie libiche) è un progetto musicale digitale sviluppato dalla fondazione tedesca Candid, che si occupa di progetti media e sulla cultura in Nord Africa e Medio Oriente, con il supporto del ministero degli Esteri federale tedesco. L’o…